Architecture With a
Unique Story

oTTo’s modular design reflects efficiency and progressive thinking. Modern high-end living lets you have a vibrant city as your living room. Intelligent interior design and elegant finishing makes your space your own.
Otto Entrance
Otto Lobby

Elegant Design

Walk into oTTo, and be welcomed by sleek, bold design. The textured gold emblem, dramatic black foyer, and elegant mosaic feature wall let you know you are in a stylish place.
Otto Room Rear

Innovative Interiors

Progressive modular living relies on well planned and thoughtful interior design. Here, oTTo excels. The feature window, or sliding door, radiates light throughout the entire apartment. Hidden in front of it is a roller screen, which lowers to allow the in-built high-resolution projector to blow you away. Use this vast screen to transport yourself wherever you want to be. Use it as your TV, or link it with your computer to experience an immersive movie, concert, or nature scene.
  • Otto Room with Sunlight
  • Otto Room with Screen

Transforming Spaces

oTTo is designed for both now and the future. It maximises an urban space to reflect your lifestyle. Use the open-plan space how you want to with options of inbuilt chic divider screens that can be slotted in or out to suit your preference.

Urban Retreat

oTTo makes for the perfect city pad. Whether you own another house within the region, another part of New Zealand, or even overseas, you can be a part of New Zealand’s buzzing and unique capital. Choose to live in the moment and make the harbour, parks, and establishments your space. Or find comfort and calm in your own convenient spot, nestled away from the outside energy.
Otto Room Rear from exterior

Quality Finishes

Each oTTo apartment is abundant with deliberate touches that express refinement. Modern living also means that you have more freedom to spend on luxury items that make the space entirely yours. Spend on the lighting, furniture and art pieces that you’ve always wanted.